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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Catatan Sang Nosferatu

I am the image that darkens your glass ,

The shadow that falls whenever you pass .
I am the dream you cannot forget ,
The face you remember without having met .
I am the truth that must not be spoken ,
The midnight vow that cannot be broken .
I am the bell that tolls out the hours .
I am the fire that warms and devours .
I am the hunger that you have denied ,
The ache of desire piercing your side .
I am the sin you have never confessed ,
The forbidden hand caressing your breast .
You’ve heard me inside you speak in your dreams ,
Sigh in the ocean , whisper in streams .
I am the future you crave and you fear .
You know what I bring. Now I am here .

Ps:Teruja tengok Nosferatu : A symphony of horror . Baik oh.

Akmal Lawliet
(Dalam TV ada hantu)

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