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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cebisan minda anak liar #56

Perjuangan apa ini?
Orang yang tak waras pun kiranya tahu perjuangan mereka ini tidak kemana .
Aku tahu .
Dia pun tahu .
Dan dia memerlukan pertolongan untuk keluar dari perjuangan yang jauh terpesong dari tujuan asalnya .

Akmal Lawliet
(Anarchy in the heart of Malaysia)

Cebisan minda anak liar #55

A guy walks up to me and asks 'What's Punk?'. So I kick over a garbage can and say 'That's punk!'.
So he kicks over the garbage can and says 'That's Punk?', and I say 'No that's trendy!'
Muhd Akmal
(I hate posers)

Cebisan minda anak liar #54

Defying expectation: Men should be a good looking and he/she will be okay .
This new generation of homosapiens really care about how do you look .
No matters what , how do you look matters .
Point being: It's not about how the other people look at me ,it's about how do I look at myself.

Akmal Lawliet

Cebisan minda anak liar #52

I am just a stupid guy who is not really into love .

Because love only create an awkward atmosphere .
Because love only leaves you with many uncertainties .
Because love only leave you bearing a great hatred and jealously .
Because love only leave you crying when it gone .
Because love only provide your heart an empty hole when it vanished .
Because love only leave you bleeding when it betray .
Because love only make you fragile .

But then,one of my friend come and said . .
"Brother , I believe after all this time , only love will cure you ."
That got me thinking .
Why is the cure must be the
kryptonite ? 

The one that make me suffer ?
You know what it has done to me ?
It has made an empty spot inside my soul .
And now it's taking my control .

Love is not like anything , especially a fucking knife .

Akmal Lawliet
Whatever it has done to me , I still sing it .

Cebisan minda anak liar #51

You better open the door before I take a hammer to the walls around it .
I cannot let you stay inside my mind and drag us both down . 
You have to get out .
You belong on the comic panel , not my head .

Yes , you can kill a man , but his idea lives .

Muhd Akmal
(I wish I was special)

Cebisan minda anak liar #50

If I had to lose a mind
If I had to touch feelings
I would lose my soul
The way I do

I don't have to think
I only have to do it
The results are always perfect
But that's old news  

'Meat Puppets' yang memang terbaik .

Muhd Akmal
(Oh me)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cebisan minda anak liar #49

Situasinya seperti
Aku ada sepucuk Colt yang hanya mempunyai 1 peluru
Dan aku berada di tengah lautan manusia di sebuah medan perang
Tiada tujuan , tiada tumpuan , tiada sasaran .
Pada siapa tembakan tunggal ini harus aku lepaskan ?

Err . . kenapa la aku tak study langsung pasal muet .
Entah apa la cerita karut yang akan ditulis dalam exam pad esok .

Muhd Akmal
(Moga dipermudahkan segala urusan)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cebisan minda anak liar #48

Did you ever wonder where the story ends , and how it all began ?
Did you ever dream you were the movie star with popcorn in your hand ?
Do you ever think you're someone else inside , when no one understands you are ?
And wanna disappear inside a dream but never wanna wake up .
I do .

Would you be happier if you were someone together ?
Would the sun shine brighter if you played a bigger part ?
Would you be wonderful if it wasn't for the weather ?
You're gonna be just fine .
Yes you do .

Muhd Akmal
(Would you be happier?)

Cebisan minda anak liar #47

For what you did to me
And what I'll do to you
You get , what everyone else gets
You get a lifetime
You've living in your easy way .

Muhd Akmal
(That is why we're difference)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Cebisan minda anak liar #46

When people asked you " Hey , are you an idiot? "
You know what you should do ?
You should admit it .
After that , show them what you were made of .
Prove that they are more idiot and pathetic for having such typical mind . .

Muhd Akmal
(It is always funny when you met peoples like this)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cebisan minda anak liar #45

Party like a rock star ?
I think you got it wrong .
You know what you are ?
You're just a confused little kid who just listened to 'Jumpa pakcik usin' , 'Rain' , and most sadly 'Deria ke-6' , and pathetically you claimed that you're a rocker ?
Sorry but with these all things , you are pathetically not a rockstar .
These things aren't gonna make you a rockstar .
For a less insolent word , they make you a clown .

Muhd Akmal
(Differences between you and me is I know what I am and you don't)

Cebisan minda anak liar #44

Sinonim orang kita :
Bila buat baik , kasi muka 
Mula la pijak kepala .

Aku bukan tak mau percaya .
Aku pernah percaya tapi ceritanya aku pernah terkena .
Jadi , jangan tanya kenapa aku tak percaya .
Aku cuma berjaga - jaga .