See todays world through different eyes.

If you read , you'll judge .

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cebisan minda anak liar #19

Aku tak berniat nak kata yang bukan - bukan .
Tapi kalau kau adalah orang yang jenis membezakan kasta pemakaian dengan jenama jenama megah kau tu , aku tak berminat nak berkawan dengan kau .

Ps : In fact , these twinkle twinkle little stars are acting like they came from hollywood . I know where exactly you came from lah . Sorang tu dari kampung tu dan sorang lagi tu dari kampung ni . Jangan nak confront sangatlah . Menyampah .

Muhd Akmal
(Lama tak tengok cermin tu la jadinya)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Cebisan minda anak liar #18

A lot of people say I'm no longer nice now
Ain't nothing changed though I'm still eating rice , clown .

Alright then, then maybe I should quit writing
Too many staring eyeballs have got a kid frightened
But why in the world , should I even pay attention
To little suckers who ain't even worth a mention ?

Muhd Akmal
(Be yourself by yourself and stay away)

Cebisan minda anak liar #17

Pernah tak kau rasa kau ni banyak duit , tapi tak cukup ?
Pernah tak kau rasa kau ni ramai kawan , tapi kau rasa terasing ?
Pernah tak kau rasa bahagia dengan orang yang kau sayang , tapi hampa ?
Pernah tak kau rasa pandai , tapi ianya tak memudahkan urusan kau ?
Pernah tak kau rasa yang kau beruntung sebab hampir punyai segala-galanya , tapi rasa seperti masih ada yang tertinggal ?
Pernah tak kau rasa kosong ?
Pernah tak kau rasa palsu ?
Pernah tak kau rasa keadaan ok , tapi kau gelisah ?

Aku tau sebab apa jadi macam tu .
Sebab kau tinggal sembahyang .

Muhd Akmal
I'll make it clear that I ain't even trying to preach you .
By sharing thoughts I hope to find a little peace here .

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cebisan minda anak liar #16

I heard you were looking for a man to leave
But I can tell you that I'm not the one you need
I'm always three steps behind the dance and the times
Well if I can't change for you, then I won't change for me
Oh as stubborn as it is, as stubborn as I am
I can tell you that there is no pearl in this clam
Or a diamond maybe, I stole its seed
But it was only to try and get you home with me

When there's always that someone who'll be easier on your eye

So forget the politics of living alone and just dance til the morning light

Muhd Akmal
(Dance til morning light )

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cebisan minda anak liar #15

Mother told me when I was young ,
come sit beside me, my son .
And listen closely to what I say .
And if you do this it will help you some sunny day .

Forget your lust for the rich man's gold .
All that you need is in your soul ,
and you can do this if you try .
All that I want for you my son ,
Is to be satisfied .

And be a simple kind of man .
Be something you love and understand .
Be a simple kind of man .
Won't you do this for me son , if you can ?

I don't buy a myth that money and gold are the keys to a happy life .

Muhd Akmal
I live like a rats on the street .
It was a brutal teacher , but I learn .
Yes , I learn .

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cebisan minda anak liar #14

Hey I like you now .
I swear I like you now .
I used to hate you back then ,
but hey I like you now .
Don't you know how much I like you
Don't you know how much I like you now ?

"Ala . . now you Freak of course I like you now !"

Muhd Akmal
(Ada apa dengan cinta , dulu benci kini kau minta )

Monday, March 19, 2012

Cebisan minda anak liar #13

Kau kaya , aku miskin , kau masih dengki .
Kau wangi , aku busuk , kau masih dengki .
Kau kacak , aku buruk , kau masih dengki .
Kau bijak , aku bodoh pun kau masih dengki .

Kalau ada segalanya dalam dunia kenapa masih dengki ?
Maaf kalau kasar , tapi betul - betul melayu kau ni ye ?

Muhd Akmal
(Balada orang kita)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cebisan minda anak liar #11

Where ?
Where will we stand ,
When all the lights go out ?
Across these city streets ,
Where were you when all of the embers fell ?
I still remembered them .
Covered in ash .
Covered in glass .
Covered in all my friends .
I still think of the bombs they built .
I still think of the guns they sell .
I still think of the money they stole .
I still think the 'Peace propaganda' they lying about .
And when I think all of that , they start labelling .
Start seaching .
Start torturing .
Start destroying .
They called us 'Enemy of state' .
They send their dogs and pigs to keep us down .

Hey big guy ,

Big or no big ,
Someday , someone's going to bring you down .
Drag you on the face of justice .
May God purify you in his flame .

Remember me .

Muhd Akmal
(I'm on a plain , I can't complain)