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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cebisan minda anak liar #52

I am just a stupid guy who is not really into love .

Because love only create an awkward atmosphere .
Because love only leaves you with many uncertainties .
Because love only leave you bearing a great hatred and jealously .
Because love only leave you crying when it gone .
Because love only provide your heart an empty hole when it vanished .
Because love only leave you bleeding when it betray .
Because love only make you fragile .

But then,one of my friend come and said . .
"Brother , I believe after all this time , only love will cure you ."
That got me thinking .
Why is the cure must be the
kryptonite ? 

The one that make me suffer ?
You know what it has done to me ?
It has made an empty spot inside my soul .
And now it's taking my control .

Love is not like anything , especially a fucking knife .

Akmal Lawliet
Whatever it has done to me , I still sing it .