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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Anak Liar : The one with no turning point

Back then , I used to go to a carnival . There's an old man who sat besides me . He doesn't talked much but this was pretty much what he said .

Old Man :
- You look new , is this your first time watching a freakshow ?
- You see , this place is a refuge for the outcast . Always has been .
- It's for folks that doesn't fit anywhere else .
- But you kid , you don't belong here . This is not your place .
- You should go to school , find a couple of girls , have 2.5 kids and live regular .

Akmal :
- Sir , I don't want to go to school . I don't want regular . I want this .

Muhd Akmal
I'm just a twisted kid in a mess up world .
I took advice no fool would take . 
You want to be stereotype ? Go ahead .
I refused to be regular .

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